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Property set and quantity set assignment

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Property and quantity sets work a bit differently in IFC than in other BIM programs (by now you should be used to this, right?). And again, it’s very flexible and allows you to define your data model as you need it.

You can select one of the following behaviors for your psets:

• type driven only: you can assign such a property set only to type object, not to occurrence / instances of this type.
• type driven override: use this if you want to assign a property set to both type objects and occurrences. If you assign a different value to an occurrence which has the same properties already at type level the type value will be overriden. Great for default values, or if you have only rare exceptions from a standard value.
• occurrence driven: when using this setting you cannot assign this pset so type objects, so each instance has its own values.

These three settings work for both property and quantity sets. Psets have another special option:

• performance driven: this can only be assigned to a performance history, e.g. a times series of machine read sensor data (yes: senor data in #IFC – you wouldn’t expect that, would you?).

So, working in native IFC gives you a lot of control over data.

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